State of the art Analytical Facilities

The Centre has state of the art analytical facilities to determine physiochemical properties of a variety of liquid/gaseous fuels in accordance with ASTM norms. The facilities include evaluation of kinematic viscosity, density, specific gravity, calorific value, flash point, cloud & pour point, CFPP, CHNSO, carbon residue, copper strip corrosion, oxidation stability amongst many others. The Centre has a Gas chromatograph and ion chromatograph as well. The growing concern for the tribological studies is well addressed by the Centre and there are adequate infrastructural facilities to carry out wear metal analysis of lubricating oil from a variety of engines which helps in preventive maintenance.


Engine Trial & Tribological Studies

The Centre is carrying out research on the use of alternative fuels in a variety of on-road and off-road engines. The Centre has a variety of, gasoline/diesel engines, emission measuring and allied equipment for comprehensive engine trials.