The Centre for Advanced Studies & Research in Automotive Engineering finally completed it's 100th research publication, with the current mark at: 104 papers published in internationally recognised journals.

Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) has a chequered history of more than 75 years and has emerged as a leading research institution in automotive research not only in India but at international level as well.

Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum have been the energy sources of the world for centuries. However, in the third millennium, there has been a growing recognition of the dangers inherent in continuing with indiscriminate consumption of fossil fuels for more than one reasons, of late, world opinion has been growing in favor of looking for alternatives to fossil fuels that would ensure eco-friendly and sustainable development on the one hand and energy security on the other.

The broad goal of the Government of India under “Energy for All” assumes an increasing role for renewables and Euro VI norms by 2020 focusses on clean combustion. Under the influence of programs of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) and the Paris Summit, there is an urgent need for promoting renewable energy technology and clean combustion for sustainable development. Centre for Advanced Studies & Research in Automotive Engineering established by Delhi College of Engineering now Delhi Technological University in 2003, has made a great stride in the area of alternative fuels, renewable energy, and new engine technology and has a distinctive position on a global level. Moreover, in view of an adaptation of BSVI emission norms across PAN India since 2020, the Centre is also prepared to develop clean engine combustion technology to meet the stringent standards.

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